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Compare Spreadym with other analytical tools.

Excel and EPM.


Create financial and operational plans at a level of detail you need. Plan production, purchasing and sales. 


Link your plans to revenue and income targets. Create Balance sheet, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss statements in a few clicks.


Build financial and operational forecasts that are based on various indicators at a generalized or detailed level.


Vary your outlooks depending on a number of factors. All scenarios are always at your fingertips.

Analysis &

Utilize Plan vs Actual, What-if tools for analysis. Create reports according to national and international reporting standards.


Consolidate financial results across all subsidiaries of a parent company with exclusion of intercompany turnover.

Totally based on Excel

Integrable with third-party software

Consolidate corporate data from different sources in one analytical tool. Setup regular integration with key business systems for accounting, sales and management.

Data is swapped using a REST API. Users have the ability to establish intricate tasks for loading and modifying data.

Real-time data flow tracking

Monitor business data flow online to introduce agility into your decision-making process. Analyze the performance of your business at any time you need.

Using the server for data exchange enables multiple users to collaborate and ensures that data is readily available to all users of the system in real-time.

Entire business at a glance

Connect all your business processes to one dashboard. Merge operational plans, budgets and extra charges into one calculation model. Manage the system process from one source.

Use familiar filters and functions to link all elements of your business.

Automate planning and analytical tasks in a growing business

Spreadym solves the tasks of data processing and information structuration to make corporate planning and analysis more efficient.

business software for in-depth analysis

Detailed analysis of corporate items

Spreadym structures the vast arrays of corporate information with detailed description. Users can analyse a company's production or sales at a granular level.

Software for businness data processing

Smart grading and error checking

Spreadym allows users to enter information in free form, all data will be distributed to a corporate database in the right places.

Software for planning and budgeting in enterprises

Transparent business logic

An ordinary user with suitable access rights can see all of the lincs between calculated parameters and, if it is necessary, adjust them.

excel-based software for business

Easy to install and setup

A company doesn't need to hire a staff of IT team to service Spreadym. Ordinary users with skills in Excel and database can automate processes on their own.

rest api software

Integrable with existing systems

Spreadym can collect data from third-party systems to merge it in a single database.

business soft for planning

Rapid implementation

The implementation of Spreadym will not take a year, it will take several weeks to set up all corporate business processes.

Control flows. In real time.

As easy as never before

Spreadym is FP&A software for business that combines the best technology features for corporate data analytics, such as enterprise performance management tools with In-Memory database processing, integration capabilities with third-party systems through REST API and ultimate interaction with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Easy-to-use FP&A

software ever

Boost your finance

with Spreadym → 

Automation of medium-term planning. Introduction of drill-down analytics at a high level of detail. 

Automation of strategic planning process and integration data flow from the third-party management platform

Integration of Spreadym for detailed cash flow analysis for each project. Spreadym deployment as the first enterprise performance management system.

Deployment of Spreadym as the initial business performance management system

Trusted across

many industries

How it works


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