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We combine the best options of comprehensive business platforms and Excel for data processing in Spreadym.


Business intelligence technology that is adapted fast to your corporate environment

Centralized Metadata Management

All corporate information is stored on the server in multi-dimensional registers.

Spreadym accumulates corporate data records in multi-dimensional registers that allow one to store data in structured format for further analytics without extra manual raw data handling. All changes implied in the directories immediately extend to all arrays and allow to recalculate existing reports with new amendments.

Fast and Stable Data Processing

High efficiency data processing beyond standard spreadsheet functionality.

Spreadym enables a user to quickly exchange data between the spreadsheet and the server while also maintaining high performance, even on large-scale calculations.

Level-up of Familiar Features

Interface of Excel enables one to utilize all familiar features of analytics at a new capacity.

User can use all of the Excel features like formulas, filtration for creation of financial models. Any changes in a methodology of calculation a user can complete separately without the assistance of IT developers.

Rapid implementation

Automate your business in a few weeks. You can do it on your own. Spreadym’s average time for implementation do not exceed 2 month.

Usage Guides

Visit the section for more information on how you can install and use Spreadym at full capacity.


Protected cloud storage

All information is stored on protected cloud storage. This approach provide wide opportunities to collaboration work and real-time data flow control.

Structured database

We use In-memory technology to structure your company’s information. You can put in order data from different sources, use dimensions and formulas directories.

Read more about advantages of Spreadym

We focus on core planning and analytical technologies and highlight Spreadym key advantages.

Explore the Real Experience

We believe that the best way to explore something new is to see how it works in real life.

Grocery retail

Operational planning


Strategic planning

Power sector

Business performance

Advanced technology that helps manage your business information

Business intelligence technology that is adapted fast to your corporate environment

Easy-to-setup & fast adaptation

The platform is totally based on Excel so you can work with it as with ordinary spreadsheet. Users can service the system on their own, without the assistance of IT-team.

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