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Hard problems Spreadym can solve


All information in one place

Spreadym combines all corporate data over different software into one data base


One-time access for multiple users

Enter and correct data in one report together with your colleagues at one time and in the same parts of the document.


Remove the list of similar files

All versions of documents can be stored on the platform with the ability to track adjustments from your colleagues.


Unified forms for data entering

Forget about special tables for other corporate departments. Colleagues can enter data as they want, Spreadym will structure information on its own.

Technical features of Spreadym



The multi-dimensional registers are responsible for accurate storage of corporate data sets. Spreadym allows the user to manage directories directly from Excel. All changes will be immediately distributed across the models and target users.


Data Management

Merge all corporate information into a single model. Company's data will be stored in a protected cloud, access to which is avaliable directly from Excel spreadsheet

Control of Data Entering and Information Integrity

Spreadym protects the database from inadequate data entering. The platform records all changes that are made by users and allows them to return to a variety of previous versions of reports and calculations.

How It Looks Like

Watch demo and read about technology to see how it works

Spreadym is designed as a platform for corporate planning and other analytical tasks that imply processing of large arrays of corporate data. Spreadym is totally based on MS Excel spreadsheets, but we overcome Excel barriers and make it scalable, dynamic and safe for such data-intensive and regular business activities as planning and reporting.

Read more about advantages of Spreadym

We focus on core planning and analytical technologies and highlight Spreadym key advantages.

Explore the Real Experience

We believe that the best way to explore something new is to see how it works in real life.

Grocery retail

Operational planning


Strategic planning

Power sector

Business performance

Easy-to-build reports

High efficiency data processing beyond standard spreadsheet functionality.

Usage Guides

Visit the section for more information on how you can install and use Spreadym at full capacity.


Exchange data with any apps

We use REST API to collect data from the all software solutions that your company use in one data base.

How It Works

The deployment of Spreadym as the initial business performance management system

Manage your data from one place

All data, formulas and report forms are stored on the server and are available for managing at any time.

Coordinate results in real time

Monitor achieved results in real time using a wide range of analytical tools while new data is coming.

Collaborative workspace

Work on one document together, all changes will be saved and displayed in online to all users.

Rapid implementation

Automate your business in a few weeks. You can do it on your own. Spreadym’s average time for implementation do not exceed 2 month.

Easy-to-setup & fast adaptation

The platform is totally based on Excel so you can work with it as with ordinary spreadsheet. Users can service the system on their own, without the assistance of IT-team.

Protected cloud storage

All information is stored on protected cloud storage. This approach provide wide opportunities to collaboration work and real-time data flow control.

How Spreadym works with data via a friendly interface

Manage your corporate performance with familiar tools at a new level of data analytics