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Spreadym helps organize planning for businesses of all sizes

Learn about how Spreadym can organize the process of corporate planning

Spreadym is a unique solution that is adapted to companies of all sizes and corporate management structures. A nice price and a number of features can only add advantages to it.

Small business

Your business starts to increase and you need a corporate performance system at a nice price.

Medium business

Your business has grown to several subsidiaries, you need a business management system but you do not want to allocate extra costs to a technical team that will support the system.

Large enterprises

You have already implemented several complex enterprise management systems (CRM and accounting, e.g.) but you need a stack with features beyond them.

Easy exchange of information

Spreadym allows users to easily exchange different types of reporting formats instead of sending spreadsheets to each other via email. All corporate information is stored on a server integrated into a unified structured data base which is updated adjustments immediately. The user can just utilize formulas and filters to look at desired data.

Collaborative work

Users can work on reports in collaboration with colleagues. The process of entering data and formulas is synchronized with all users' interfaces. Users can separate a shared workspace into different spreadsheets, and it will automatically be integrated into a common structure.

Integration with external systems

Users can receive data from different sources: CRM, accounting systems and so on. Spreadym allows users to integrate variable types of information into one dashboard to create a complex database for efficient management.

Consolidation of variable types of data

Spreadym structures variable data on a single database and automatically distributes formulas though business operations models. It does not matter how users upload data on the server, Spreadym will deal with clutter and place it in order.

Universal reporting forms

Spreadym enables users to utilize flexible forms to enter data into the financial model of the business. It does not matter how the user will enter information. Whether one adds fields or creates separate forms, Spreadym will identify data and structure it in the shared database.

Quick and easy implementation

The implementation of a complex business management system usually takes at least 5-6 months. The first results of this transformation of business processes can be seen only a few months later. Spreadym enable users to achieve the first results of digital transformation almost immediately. User can at first try to digitalize one corporate process, and then move into the next stage, transforming department or entire business operations.

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We focus on core planning and analytical technologies and highlight Spreadym key advantages.

Key Points to Learn About Spreadym

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Centralized metadata management

Data Protection and Backups

Flexible privacy setups and ability to work in multi-version space

How It Helps Your Business

Learn how Spreadym can help to increase the efficiency of your business

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